Avoid capitalizing entire words

When you capitalize all of the words in a headline you have no way to convert those words to proper case through CSS which means you will need to manually edit the headlines on your site if you want to change them.  A better approach is to use Proper Case Headlines and then use CSS to covert the headline to all uppercase or all lowercase.  This way you can easily switch between the 3 different styles (proper, upper and lowercase) without having to edit each headline in your website.

Name your content elements

It takes less than a minute to thoughtfully name the content elements in your website when you're adding new content to a page.   If you take the time to provide good quality names for your content, you will save yourself hours of time later when you need to find something on your site that you want to update.

Use large compressed pictures

Pictures can be reduced in size, but they cannot be increased in size so it makes since to use pictures that are wide enough to fill the largest space you will need.  Keep in mind that when you view your site on smaller devices, your site will automatically transition to a one column layout.  This means if your pictures are smaller than the width of the browser, they may not fill the entire width of the space provided.

We recommend pictures sizes of 940 pixels wide if available and that each picture be processed using a compression tool such as tinypng.com before uploading your picture to the website to ensure that your pictures and web pages load as quickly as possible.