Column Class
The Column Class provides a method for applying adjustments to the columns that are generated for your grid layouts.  By default, the system generates the size specification such as medium-6 for each column in a grid layout.  You can provide additional column configurations through the Column Class.  For instance, you can offset, pull or push a column a certain number of columns by including an appropriate value is in this field.

Column Sizes
A semicolon delimited list of column sizes that identifies a repeating sequence of column sizes that you want to apply towards the contents in a grid.  For example, a value of 6 indicates that each element in the grid will be assigned a size of 6 columns whereas a value of 6;3;3 indicates that the first element will be assigned 6 columns and the second and third element will be assigned 3 columns each.  If the grid contains more content elements then the number of column sizes in the sequence then the pattern will repeat. There are only 12 columns in any one grid so valid sequence sizes are 1 - 12.

Row Class
The Row Class is available on any content section that can be configured with a grid layout.  It's used to augment the class attribute that is generated for a grid row.  By default, the system generates a class attribute with a value of "row" for each row that is generated for a grid layout.  You can customize the behavior of the row by adding the expanded, collapse or uncollapse values through this field.