Running time: 8:32

The following are the top 10 things to know about release 8.6.

  1. Everything is a Section (just about)
  2. The 5 sub types of Section (Article, Aside, Dashboard, Footer, Header)
  3. A Page is still a Page.
  4. Every page has an Article.
  5. The home page is special.  It includes an Article, but can also include an optional Header, Aside or Footer.
  6. The Header is a Section that displays at the top of every page.
  7. The Footer is a Section that displays at the bottom of every page.
  8. The Aside is a Section that can be configured to display to the left or right of the Article on a page.
  9. A Menu is now a content element that can be included in any Section.
  10. Grid layouts have been simplified.  They are now 12 columns and fully responsive.