Ittrium is highly configurable and includes an extensive set of pre-defined configuration options that are easy to implement.  Options included in this section are coded in one of 5 different configuration files that are listed below.

  • Private Subsite Variables (WEB-INF/properties/subsites/id200-website.xml)
  • Private Theme Variables Pre (WEB-INF/laf/id200-website/css/custom-pre.var)
  • Private Palette Variables Pre (WEB-INF/laf/id200-website/palettes/website/website-pre.var)
  • Private Palette Variables Post (WEB-INF/laf/id200-website/palettes/website/website-post.var)
  • Private Theme Variables Post (WEB-INF/laf/id200-website/css/custom-post.var)

The files listed above include the name that is referenced through the Files tab of the Themes portal that you'll find in Site Pilot.

For each configuration option that you find on the underlying pages in this section, you'll see a note that indicates which is the typical configuration file to use when adding a configuration override for a site.  In most cases, you're changes will be added to "Private Theme Variables Pre".

Note that the Palette overrides will only be needed if you intend to support a website that includes multiple palettes within a single theme where different configuration options are required for each palette within the theme.